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World Fantasy Con Report

As we mentioned in our previous post, Donald and Kristin attended the World Fantasy Convention the first weekend in November. While there, we talked a lot about the new Mysterion webzine, and helped run a table with some friends of ours.

Thursday Thanks to the fact that our airline changed the time of our flight on us and didn't let us know until Wednesday (another stellar performance by United!), we had to get up at 4 am. After a long flight and a stopover in Houston, we ended up arriving in San Antonio around 1 pm. We headed over to our table in the dealers' room as soon as we could. Fortunately, our co-dealers were already there, and had everything set up.
We were sharing the table with Jamie Foley, who writes and independently publishes post-apocalyptic YA fantasy novels; S.D. Grimm, author of YA heroic fantasy; and R.J. Metcalf, who doesn't have any books of her own to sell yet, but was helping out. Plus we had books by Jamie's friend Angela Castillo: middle grade…

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