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Interview with Rebecca P Minor

This month’s interview is with Rebecca P Minor, whom Donald and Kristin have gotten to know through the annual Realm Makers conference. Running the conference is only one of the many things keeping her busy, though; she’s also a fantasy author and artist. Read on to learn more about her work, and about why you should consider coming to Realm Makers this year!

How would you describe your spiritual and/or religious beliefs, and how would you say they influence your writing?

I am a Christian of a moderately conservative bent, a faith I embraced when I was about 18 years old. Although I was raised in a Catholic family, the reality of my need for Christ’s saving work on the cross did not become clear to me until after high school, and at that point, I embraced a non-denominational protestant worldview.

This worldview underpins my writing in that I choose to create stories where the universe owes its existence to a single creator God who desires connection to the people he has created. Ther…

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