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Interview with Maurice Broaddus

March’s interview is with writer and editor Maurice Broaddus. Along with Jerry Gordon, Maurice edited the speculative fiction anthologies Dark Faith and Dark Faith: Invocations. Not only did the existence of these projects help inspire our own work here at Mysterion—when we were getting started, Maurice was one of the experienced editors we were fortunate enough to be able to turn to when we had questions about how to do our new job (but don’t blame him if you think we got it wrong!). He’s also critically acclaimed for his own fiction, which you can learn more about in the interview; and there are rumors that he runs some kind of SF convention involving a lot of food...

How would you describe your spiritual and/or religious beliefs, and how would you say they influence your writing?

I’ve been called everything from a Christian Buddhist to a Christian humanist. I’m not one for labels (if I were, I’d call myself something along the lines of a post-evangelical, post-denominational Christ …

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