The Christian faith is filled with mystery, from the Trinity and the Incarnation to the smaller mysteries found in some of the strange and unexplained passages of the Bible: Behemoth and Leviathan, nephilim and seraphim, heroes and giants and more. There is no reason for fiction engaging with Christianity to be more tidy and theologically precise than the faith itself.

Mysterion is an ezine of Christian-themed speculative fiction edited and published by the husband and wife team of Donald S. Crankshaw and Kristin Janz. We seek quality speculative fiction with Christian characters, themes, or cosmology. Join us as we rediscover the mysteries of the faith!

About the Editors 

Donald S. Crankshaw

Donald has a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from MIT, which was more useful for writing fantasy than he had expected, though less helpful for writing science fiction than he had hoped. He has previously published stories in Nature Futures, Daily Science Fiction, and Black Gate.

Kristin Janz

Kristin is a Canadian fantasy and science fiction writer and a 2008 graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop.  Her fiction has appeared in Escape PodDaily Science Fiction, and On Spec.  She has an M.Sc. in Chemistry, and does not want to read any more stories about nanobots.

Editor photo (c) 2016 by Al Bogdan