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September 2020

So, we've been reading stories from the July submission window. It's been slower going than usual. Donald typically does most of the first round reading, but he's been busy with his day job. In the BC era (Before COVID), he would read submissions on his phone during his commute, on the subway. But now he needs to drive into Boston for work. It turns out you can't read stories on your phone while driving in Boston rush hour traffic (or shouldn't, at least (don't worry, he hasn't tried)). Of the 277 submissions we've received, we've read about 90 and rejected 77. That's a bit behind the third of the way through that we should be at this point. On the bright side, Kristin is starting to have more time for reading, so that would accelerate progress; except that Donald's work is picking up even more, which slows it back down.
We do always manage to choose the stories in time (late November is the absolute latest we can leave it), but are often cl…

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