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April 2024

We continue to make good progress on reading fiction submissions from January. As of Thursday, we had 87 unread stories (out of 245 received), fifteen that have been read and liked by either Donald or Kristin, and two that have reached our final round of consideration. Our current plan is to publish seven stories from our January reading window. However, if we can reach $275/month in Patreon funding by the time we're ready to make our final selections, we'll be able to publish eight. We're currently at $246/month, so there isn't far to go: a few additional subscribers at $10/month would get us there. The $10/month tier is the closest option we offer to a traditional magazine subscription. Every two months, subscribers receive an e-book of the stories that are about to come out on our website (currently either two or three stories), in PDF and ePub versions, with beautiful covers designed by Anne Horn and featuring the artwork from our site. We do have lower-cost optio

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