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May 2024

If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? We might wish the answer were pilgrims, as in the old joke that perhaps only our American readers have heard, but around here, it's apparently rabbits. Not the Easter bunny Let's hope this one enjoys the fresh green grass so much that it won't even think of snacking on Kristin's vegetable garden. As far as submissions go, as of writing this, 27 remained unread, 2 more had been read by a first reader but not Donald or Kristin, 15 had been read and liked by either Donald or Kristin, and 8 had advanced to our final round of consideration (from which we are currently planning to accept 7 stories). This puts us on track to make our final selections from the January stories by the end of May, but let's hope we aren't derailed by any new medical issues. In April it was COVID-19, which we both came down with for the first time. Now Kristin is recovering from gum graft surgery, a decidedly unpleasant procedur

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