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May updates

Story Update We're pleased to announce our next two stories, coming out in May and June.
May 27: "Meeting at the Crossroads" by Joel LimmerJune 24: "The Mark" by Forrest Brazeal Both these science fiction stories (far and near, respectively) ask deep questions about faith and fear. And while you can wait two months for them to come out, one or both of them are available now if you support us on Patreon.
Patreon Update As we haven't been shy about saying, we're engaged in a bit of a push right now for Patreon, which helps to support this site and pay our authors. Right now, we're especially eager to reach the $200/month mark, which will let us increase our pay rate to 8 cents per word, so that we can keep up with SFWA's definition of professional rates. Our Patreon campaign pledges go up and down as new people pledge and others drop off or reduce their pledges (not that we begrudge anyone deciding to reduce their giving—no one owes us anything, a…

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