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A Moose for Jesus

by Patricia S. Bowne

It was a warm August evening in ’72 and we were sitting around Holland Wales’ backyard waiting for the grill to heat up and talking about the moose, when his big dog Boomer came out and took a dump right in the middle of the circle of chairs. Normally Boomer wouldn’t get away with this because Holland’s wife Judy would be on him in two seconds, but Judy and the other wives were inside dishing up potato salad and gossip. So we sat around and commented and cheered Boomer on as he concentrated, and set his jaw, and strained, and finally produced. It only stopped being funny when the smell started to hit us.

Holland looked around the circle, but we all looked somewhere else. When things like this happened Boomer was Holland’s dog, though most other times he belonged to the whole True Faith Christian Community. After a few minutes Holland gave up and got some paper and went in to clean it up. He leaned forward and then he froze.

“Look!” said Holland. “It’s a miracle!”

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