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Review of First Fleet by Stephen Case

Reviewed by Donald S. Crankshaw
First Fleet is best described as Lovecraftian horror science fiction. In the distant future, all System military personnel are protected by the Contract, under which the military agrees to bring any soldiers who are killed back to life. The System military does this by uploading their brains to the Brick, a quantum-entangled storage unit shared by every ship in the fleet. When a soldier dies, his armored suit will eject a res-pod, which carries the remains back to a medical frigate, so that his body can be regrown and his mind downloaded from the Brick.

The First Fleet has been sent to defeat the Colonizers, who left System space centuries ago to escape humanity's attempted genocide of their Synthetic allies, artificial intelligences embedded in bodies indistinguishable from those of humans. System was content to let the Colonizers and their Synthetics stay on their Reservation Worlds, but the Colonizers have expanded to a group of lifeless, sunless …

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