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September 2021

We were thrilled to learn last month that one of the stories we published in 2020 is a finalist for the Washington Science Fiction Association Small Press Award for Short Fiction . " Reformed ", by Caias Ward, tells the story of an ex-supervillain trying to leave the past behind and make his way forward into a normal life.  The winner will be announced at Capclave , a small literary convention in the DC suburbs, first weekend in October. So... it looks as if Capclave will mark our return to post-pre-pandemic in-person science fiction convention attendance. (They will be requiring both proof of vaccination, and masks .) We're looking forward to it! There are a lot of science fiction conventions each year, and it's not realistic for us to travel to most of them. But Capclave has always sounded interesting, with its emphasis on short fiction, and we're glad to have a good reason to check it out. Congratulations to Caias and all the other finalists! Recent and Upcomin

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