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Interview with Stephen Case

How would you describe your spiritual and/or religious beliefs, and how would you say they influence your writing?

I was raised in a fairly conservative evangelical home. My family and I are now members of a Greek Orthodox parish. That was a bit of a journey. I would describe myself as an Orthodox Christian with an abiding love for the idea of Christianity as a narrative, as a living tradition passed down through history. I don’t know how much that influences all my stories, but ancient arguments in the seventh- and eighth-century church provided the basis for “The Chora Gate” [appearing in Mysterion December 2018]. I heard a speaker at our campus chapel recently refer to God as “the God of stories.” I like that a lot. Narrative is central to how I understand myself and my faith.

Why do you think you became a writer, and why speculative fiction?

I’m not sure why I became a writer. I remember writing ghost stories as early as second grade. Writing is something I’ve always loved to do. I…

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