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You Shall See Him in the East

by Frederick Gero Heimbach

(Editors’ note for non-US readers: POTUS = President of the United States)

Day 1

POTUS led them to the roof of the White House, through the solarium, past the place Eisenhower grilled his steaks, to a spot overlooking the East Wing, where they could get a better look at the thing coming at them.

As usual, Samantha (Press Secretary) stood right next to POTUS, like a wife. They were “old friends.” Ravi tended to defend her to others. She was a moderating influence, or tried to be.

They all looked at the horizon. It was just a forehead. It was the size of a mountain and it bobbed up and down at an inhumanly slow pace. Ravi watched its movement, stately and inevitable like a heavenly body. When the crisis broke, Ravi was the most senior State official in town, and here he was, lifted from important to essential.

POTUS personally assigned him a temporary office in the Old Executive Office Building. It had a couch and he would be living there, essentially, for the d…

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