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June 2020

We have at long last finished evaluating the stories from the January submission period! Seven stories were accepted, to be published from July through December of this year. 249 stories were rejected, and 11 withdrawn by the authors (sometimes to submit a different story they thought might be a better fit), for a total of 267 submissions.

Just in time for the July submission window!

If you sent us a story in January and did not hear back, please do let us know right away.

We've now started editing the stories we selected, when we can find time in between Kristin's garden and Donald's video games (and day job). And, since we do now have a tentative schedule for when we plan to publish them, it's also time to choose the art that will accompany the four July through September stories. We're unlikely to find anything that feels relevant to all of them, but we do keep the stories in mind when selecting artwork and are always thrilled to find something that fits at leas…

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