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Interview with Travis Perry

This month, we have an interview with Travis Perry, as part of the Mythic Orbits blog tour. Travis is the editor of the Mythic Orbits anthology series, Volume 2 of which includes stories by both Donald and Kristin (so if you ever wanted to know what sort of fiction the Mysterion editors write themselves, here’s your chance to find out!). He also helps us out as a first reader for Mysterion. We’ll let Travis tell you more about himself and what he’s been up to...

How would you describe your religious beliefs, and how would you say they influence your writing?

Perhaps I’m overthinking the question a bit, but I’d find it a lot easier to state my religious beliefs than describe them. Though the origin story of my faith would have to start with me being a child in rural Montana, awed by the glories of nature, with a strong intuitive sense that everything exists for a purpose, a plan, made by God. Also, from the first time I seriously read the Bible I was impressed by the power of its poetry…

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