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Omnipotent Marble

by Patrick Doerksen 1 “Monster Check!” Kevin calls from within the heaped duvet. Gage doesn’t come. Black rain splashes the bedroom window. “Help! Monster Check!” Finally, there’s Dad on the stairs. “Where’s Gage?” Dad shrugs. “In his room doing Gage things. Thirteen-year-old boy things that seven-year-old boys couldn’t possibly comprehend.” “Can you get him, please?” Kevin likes it when Gage does Monster Check; he has a way of throwing his long hair in Kevin’s face to make him shriek with delight. “Let me handle it.” Dad tilts his head to peer under the bedframe. “Alrighty, what’ve we got.” “Can’t you just—” Dad jerks back, startled. “What?” Kevin says. “Is something there tonight?” Dad starts lowering his head again, but slower this time. “Shit. That’s a nasty fucker.” “Use the broom.” Kevin points to where it’s leaning in the corner. Dad starts poking around with the broom, Kevin directing him, but suddenly he loses his grip and it’s gone. He reaches after it, then tr

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