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The Trial of Corin of Westfyr

by K.J. Khan “You know, batono , that the Lady is a Wind-Kissed One.” Corin looked at the old man from across his cup of mulled wine, not willing to answer at once. It was a cold night, and he had invited the guide to share the main tent with him and his men. He’d expected Gregory to refuse in favor of sleeping outside —“Aeolians don’t feel the cold as others do, batono ” —but to Corin’s surprise and satisfaction he had accepted. Gregory had delivered the acceptance with his usual gravitas, and spent much of the evening meal watching his young host with the same solemnity Corin could see in his eyes now. Corin turned his attention back to his wine, smiling to himself. “You know, you’re the third person to tell me that, Gregory.” The old man’s eyebrows lifted a fraction of an inch. “And does it not make ye consider your decision, batono ?” Corin, out of politeness, did his best to conceal his humor and exasperation. It didn’t seem to matter how often he explained that there was no d

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