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Coming Soon: 2020 Season Finale

We know we aren't alone in thinking that the latest season of Real Life has gone downhill. Is there a plot twist that hasn't been crammed in? It was bad enough to drop the pandemic storyline into the middle of the election year storyline, but apparently that wasn't enough, so now we have a last minute Supreme Court vacancy. Given all that, we shouldn't be surprised that of course the President and a number of Senators have contracted the disease! And don't even get us started on that west coast wildfires subplot.
To be honest, it's all been distracting us just a little from this whole publishing business. We're still reading through the July submissions. So far, we've rejected 144 stories out of the 277 received, and about 32 more are somewhere along in the process of being read and rated. We'll need to pick up the pace if we want to finish before the end of this month.
We've also been working on the 2018-2019 anthology. The interior layout is fi…

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