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The Queue and You

We have finished responding to the stories sent in during our July submission period. We received over 350 stories, and selected eight, one more than we initially planned to accept. We'll start announcing the stories once they've been edited and the contracts signed. If you sent us a story and didn't hear from us, please let us know right away, using the contact form in the sidebar of this page.
One thing we've learned is that some writers obsessively follow their position in the queue (information provided to them by our submission system), and then become worried when they haven't moved in a while, or wonder whether we rejected the story without reading it if they never get beyond fifty before being rejected. First, let us assure you that we never reject stories without reading them unless the writer broke one of our rules, such as submitting more than one story at a time, and in that case we inform the writer of which rule they broke and invite them to submit t…

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