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Advent Greetings

For those who might not be as familiar with the Christian liturgical calendar, yesterday marked the beginning of Advent, the season during which we prepare to celebrate Jesus's birth at Christmas and look forward to his return.

It's also when Kristin finally stops complaining about how everyone is playing Christmas music and putting up decorations way too early, a season that starts in earnest on November 1st but really shifts into high gear here in the United States right after Thanksgiving. Not that she stops complaining about specific Christmas songs or decorations--that's sort of an all-season thing.

On December 24th, we'll be publishing our last story of 2018, Stephen Case's Orthodox space opera "The Chora Gate," so be sure to stop by again before the end of the month. (We always publish a story on the 4th Monday of each month; if we publish two stories in a given month, the other comes out sometime during the 2nd week.) Stephen's story "Whe…

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