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May 2021

Some people rave about Boston in the fall, others love summer, but Kristin's favorite season has always been spring. (Donald's favorite is whichever is least likely to have a power failure that will make the internet go down.) This may have something to do with being a Canadian who hates winter. Spring means winter is over, at least for another year. The flowers and foliage are beautiful (we're at lilacs, tulips, and dandelions here in eastern Massachusetts), and it's neither too cold nor too hot. The strawberries in Kristin's garden are also blooming. Donald and Kristin have each gotten their first dose of the COVID vaccine, and are hoping to visit Donald's family in Louisiana in June once we're both fully vaccinated. So it feels like we're on the cusp of a lot of bad things ending besides winter. If you haven't read it yet, be sure to check out our April story, J.L. Royce's " The Secret Place of the Lord ". In this contemporary supern

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