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October 2021

This past weekend marked our "post-pandemic" return to in-person SF convention attendance, with Capclave in Rockville, MD. The convention required proof of vaccination for all attendees, as well as masks (though the county had an indoor mask mandate in effect anyway). The atmosphere did seem more subdued than pre-pandemic, with less general hanging out in the hotel bar area; but since we'd never been to Capclave before, we can't really judge how much of a change this was from previous years. The WSFA Small Press Award for Short Fiction went to T. Kingfisher for " Metal Like Blood in the Dark ", published by Uncanny Magazine . While we're sorry that Caias Ward didn't win for his excellent story " Reformed ", we do want to congratulate T. Kingfisher. T. Kingfisher also writes for children as Ursula Vernon, and Kristin's 9-year-old niece is a big fan of her Hamster Princess series of graphic novels. We did really enjoy getting the chance t

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