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August 2022

We are now closed to fiction submissions. If you missed the opportunity to send us a story, we'll be open again in January of 2023. We received 239 submissions this time. This is a little lower than usual, but we did not promote the submission period as much as we usually do, mostly because Donald was in New York for work and Kristin was hosting family for the entirety of July.  And we've barely started reading. But Donald's back, and Kristin's nieces head home to Canada this weekend, so we'll have less inclination for sightseeing this next month, and more time for Mysterion . The Boston skyline, foregrounded by the wake of the whale watching boat we were on. Kristin is endlessly fascinated by historic cooking arrangements, such as this hearth in a reconstructed English settlers' cottage at the Plimoth Patuxet Museum. Stories We published two stories this month, " Mark the Days " by Kat Heckenbach and " The Gift to be Healed " by Annaliese L

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