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New submission period approaching

New Submission Period Our next submission period opens July 1st, so start getting your stories ready! We'll be reading for the January to June 2020 publication window. As always, we're looking for science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories of up to 9,000 words that feature Christian characters, themes, and/or cosmology. Check out our submissions page for more information. And be sure to check out the theme guidelines for more details about exactly the sort of stories we're interested in. Or read some of the fiction we've already published.

As for how much we pay, that remains to be seen. If we raise another $10 per month for our Patreon by the time submissions open, then we will raise our pay rate to 8 cents per word in order to continue to pay SFWA-qualifying rates. If we do not meet our goal, we will keep paying 6 cents per word, but that rate will no longer be considered "professional", and thus the stories we buy for the July submission period will not…

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