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Welcoming new Mysterion staff!

If all goes according to plan, these two will be joining the Mysterion team in late June. Maxwell and Marie don't know too much about editing yet, but we expect them to bring a lot of youthful energy and enthusiasm to their new role. Kristin and Donald are flying down to Louisiana to pick them up, and to visit Donald's family for the first time in a year and a half. It will be our first trip together since before the pandemic. Kristin is a bit worried about missing part of Massachusetts' all-too-brief strawberry season, especially since she's growing her own this year, and Donald will miss our high-speed internet and his gaming computer (though he's willing to give his new Nintendo Switch a try). But it's definitely good to be able to see family again in person, finally, without having to worry too much about COVID (Donald is fully vaccinated and Kristin is two days away). First vet visit, which they enjoyed about as much as you would expect. We've now resp

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