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May 2022

We know some people are anxiously waiting to hear back from us about stories submitted in January, so we'll keep this monthly update brief so we can get back to reading them. As of Thursday night, there were 8 stories that had not yet been read by anyone, 18 waiting to be read by either Kristin or Donald, and 10 that had advanced to the Final Round. The end is near! If you're already thinking ahead to our next submission window in July and wondering what to send or write, we never get enough science fiction. We publish mostly fantasy and supernatural fiction because that's mostly what authors send us. Speaking of science fiction, our April story was " On Charis Station ", by D.G.P. Rector, a space opera about pirates on the run from bounty hunters, and a station caretaker who would prefer to be left alone but still tries to do the right thing. On May 23rd, we have another fantasy story by K.J. Khan. "The Trial of Corin of Westfyr" is set in a secondary

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