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March 2021

A year ago this week, we published our last monthly editorial that didn't mention COVID-19. While we're more optimistic than we've been in a long time that, at some point in the next year, it once again won't seem necessary to mention it, that point is not now. We're unlikely to be eligible for vaccination before late spring, and traveling anywhere still feels like a distant dream. Donald still works from home about half of the time. It's been almost a year since either of us has used public transit. When we do see friends in person (outdoors), some variation on "How is the pandemic treating you?" is still one of the main topics of conversation, especially if we're avoiding politics. We haven't suffered as much as many others have. We have no children to worry about, we haven't had financial troubles, we're healthy and only middle-aged and hence not especially high risk for complications if we do get COVID. We're both introverts who

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