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March 2023

It's been an odd winter around here. Mostly mild; except for that Saturday that was the coldest February 4th on record . Then it got warm again, and crocuses and chives were coming up; until they weren't. It snowed, and melted, then snowed again and turned to rain. We might be missing a snow/melt cycle or two. We're working our way through the January submissions. As of Sunday night, we had 151 unread stories, 8 that had been read by at least one person and not yet rejected, and 4 advanced to the final round of consideration. There's been a lot of talk in SF writer/editor circles recently about magazines being overwhelmed by AI-generated "story" submissions . This hasn't hit us too hard yet, but according to the linked article, it didn't really take off until February, when we were closed to submissions.  While we're fairly certain that some of the stories we've rejected during this cycle were generated by chatbots, our issue with them wasn'

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