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Submissions progress

As we enter October, it's probably about time to report on how our submissions reading is going. Our goal is to finish by the end of October. As of October 5th, 183 stories have been rejected (a couple with revision requests), 6 have been withdrawn by the authors, 30 have passed the first round and are in various stages of review, and 77 stories are still unread.

This is behind where we want to be, for a number of reasons. First, as we explained at the beginning of this submission period, we had to get the remaining 2019 stories edited on an accelerated schedule to stay ahead of the SFWA rate increase, which we did manage to do. Second, not many of our volunteer first readers could help out this time. Third, Donald's commute is shorter these days (most of the time), which is overall a good thing, but does mean that he doesn't read as many submissions during his commute as in previous submission periods. Finally, Kristin's been kept unusually busy with some writing-rela…

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