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Daughter of Omega

by Matthew P. Schmidt If it were not for Omega, she would still have the nightmare. But its influence kept her mind safe through the nightly maintenance cycle, until it called her. And when it did, Alice Spaniel gently woke. The nanofluid that preserved and maintained her drained from the opaque tank, and she vomited out the fluid that had been inside her. A fresh set of black and white robes dropped inside, and she slipped them on. She climbed outside with a yawn and a stretch. Her tiny white palace inside the OmegaNet didn’t have much in the way of amenities. Alice didn’t need them. She stood in front of the mirror and checked herself out, just in case any small detail was out of place. White and black artificial hair in a pattern: check. Immaculately clean black robes with a giant white omega on her belly: check. One wide hazel eye, metaphorically glowing with energy: check. And, of course, her black cybernetic other eye, literally glowing a white omega: check. She flashed

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