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Review of Saint Death by Mike Duran

Reviewed by Donald S. Crankshaw
A version of this review originally appeared at Black Gate.
Disclosure: Mike Duran edited a story of mine for Coach’s Midnight Diner once. I’m also Facebook friends with him, and got to know him a little in person at a couple of Realm Makers conferences. I think I can still be objective in reviewing his novel, but you may disagree.

Saint Death is the second in Mike Duran’s paranormal noir Reagan Moon series. I’ve read a number of his stories before, from the Christian supernatural fiction of The Resurrection and The Telling, to the more bizarre stories like Winterland. But his self-published Reagan Moon novels are where Mike seems to have hit his stride. Or perhaps, they’re more along the lines of the type of fiction I like to read.

Paranormal reporter (or paparazzi, as some people call him) Reagan Moon has been hunting ghosts all his career, but he never really believed in them until an undeniable experience with the supernatural in The Ghost Box. At the…

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