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June 2024

We have now responded to all submissions received in January, so please do let us know ASAP if you sent us a story but haven't heard back (we did hear back from the authors of all the accepted stories). It was an especially tough decision this time, as we saw a lot of great stories that we were excited about and would have loved to publish, but could only select seven. If you'd like for us to be able to choose more stories next time around, we're pretty close to reaching that Patreon   funding goal . We're currently at $252/month, and once we reach $275/month, we'll start publishing 16 stories each year instead of 14. At this point, even two or three higher-level subscribers, or a dozen new Patrons subscribing at lower tiers, could make it possible. Please consider subscribing if you enjoy our magazine! For $3/month, you get early access to all our stories, and for $10/month, you also get them as a special edition e-book. (Even the $1/month tier includes access to

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