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Cat Days of Summer

Here at Mysterion headquarters, we've been getting back to some kind of normal: dim sum with friends, indoor parties, movies in the theater ( Black Widow , in case you were wondering). For us, "the new normal" also includes our house being taken over by cats. Marie and Maxwell have settled in comfortably, and we've enjoyed getting to know them better. Both are friendly and affectionate felines, even with humans they've just met. Maxwell is the adventurous one, always sticking his nose into new places it probably shouldn't be, climbing on human shoulders and scheming to get onto the dining room table. Marie is a talkative little girl who greets us with loud meows whenever she wants attention, loves belly rubs, and has proven herself a ferocious hunter of cat toys. Marie only stops meowing when she falls asleep. Maxwell getting into trouble. Again. Submissions Closed We're now closed to fiction submissions until January 2022. Many thanks to all who sent in

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