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April 22 - "Her Neighbor's Keeper" by Jessica Snell

March 25 - "The Patron Saint of Flatliners" by K.A. Wiggins

February 26 - "Deymons" by Andy Dibble

January 22 - "Soulman" by Ralph Mack

January 8 - "Thomas the Doubter" by Patrick Hurley


December 25 - "Twelfth Night" by Jonathan Edward McDonald

November 27 - "Devil in the Rain" by D.G.P. Rector

October 23 - "Among the Birds" by Will Greatwich

September 25 - "The Virgin" by Jaye Nasir

August 28 - "The Carelessness of Endless Summers" by Ann McCurdy

July 24 - "The Church of the UPC" by Jeff Hewitt

July 10 - "The Cockatrice Den" by Joanna Michal Hoyt

June 26 - "Stained Glass" by Mob

May 22 - "No Stranger to Desert Places" by Karen Eisenbrey

April 24 - "Wicket 2.0" by Jamie M. Boyd

March 27 - "MARY and Martha" by T. R. Frazier

February 27 - "The Binding and the Ram" by D.G.P. Rector

January 23 - "Daughter of Omega" by Matthew P. Schmidt

January 9 - "The Baptismal Status of Persons Wetted by the Sprinkler Deluge" by Andy Dibble


December 26 - "Christmas in Apocalypse" by Karl El-Koura

November 28 - "My Soul, and With the Sun" by Duke Kimball

October 24 - "Heretic" by e rathke

September 26 - "The Practical Ending" by Alex Sobel

August 22 - "The Tithe" by Frederick Gero Heimbach

July 25 - "The Gift to be Healed" by Annaliese Lemmon

July 11 - "Mark the Days" by Kat Heckenbach

June 27 - "Grandad and the Lockbox" by Andrew Hansen

May 23 - "The Trial of Corin of Westfyr" by K.J. Khan

April 25 - "On Charis Station" by D.G.P. Rector

March 28 - "Help" by O.Z.A. Lee

February 28 - "Moral Panic 1986" by Marshall J. Moore

January 24 - "The Remnant" by Cathy Smith

January 10 - "The Gift of Tongues" by Annaliese Lemmon


December 27 - "Soul's Wager" by K.J. Khan

November 22 - "The Inksmith" by Katherine Briggs

October 25 - "An Exchange of Values, Conducted in Good Faith" by David Tallerman

September 27 - "Kirishitan" by Marshall J. Moore

August 23 - "Vocation" by Jessica Snell

July 26 - "Ceiling Snakes and Slithering Saints" by Barbara A. Barnett

July 12 - "Bearing the Flame" by C.A. Barrett

June 28 - "The Cure" by A.J. Cunder

May 24 - "Breaching the Distance" by Hannah Onoguwe

April 26 - "The Secret Place of the Lord" by J.L. Royce

March 22 - "Milestone and the Fifth World" by Marissa James

February 22 - "Salvation" by John Nadas

January 25 - "Devil Dog" by Len Bailey

January 11 - "Did You Hear the Angels Sing?" by H.L. Fullerton


December 28 - "This Is the Way the Prayer Ends" by Barbara A. Barnett

November 23 - "Omnipotent Marble" by Patrick Doerksen

October 26 - "The Original Sin of William Blackhand" by R. Keelan

September 28 - "Michael" by Em Liu

August 24 - "What Comes Before" by John Nadas

July 27 - "The Woeful Tale of Sir Banana" by Rachael K. Jones

July 13 - "You Shall See Him in the East" by Frederick Gero Heimbach

June 22 - "Work in Progress" by Mike Ekunno

May 25 - "Gordon's Knot" by Jennifer Milne

April 27 - "God-Eaters" by Joshua M. Young

March 23 - "Reformed" by Caias Ward

February 24 - "His Ministers a Flame of Fire" by T.B. Jeremiah

January 27 - "In the Fields of Sin, Down Among the Dead" by Brian Winfrey

January 13 - "A Moose for Jesus" by Patricia S. Bowne


December 23 - "A Very Spaced-Out Christmas" by Madison McSweeney

December 9 - "The Stranger in the Manger" by Wendy Nikel

November 25 - "Fools Pass Under" by Kat Otis

October 28 - "Smokeless" by Laura VanArendonk Baugh 

September 23 - "Whatsoever Ye Shall Ask" by Joanna Michal Hoyt

August 26 - "The Orderly" by Elise Forier Edie

July 22 - "Saint Denis and the Pot of Basil" by Catherine Heloise

July 8 - "Whoever Is Not For Us" by G. Scott Huggins

June 24 - "The Mark" by Forrest Brazeal

May 27 - "Meeting at the Crossroads" by Joel Limmer

April 22 - "The Book" by S.E. Reid

April 8 - "Plain Jane Learns to Knit Wormholes" by Wendy Nikel

March 25 - "The Sojourn of Pope Packard the Third" by Jared Oliver Adams

February 25 - "Absence" by Joanne Rixon

January 28 - "The City Above The Shelf" by Frederick Gero Heimbach

January 14 - "Lepers" by Keyan Bowes


December 24 - "The Chora Gate" by Stephen Case

November 26 - "A Relic Most Rare" by Rebecca Birch

October 22 - "A Halloween Hymn" by Eric James Stone

September 24 - "The Apostle to the Sea" by Stewart Moore

August 27 - "When the Years Are Many" by Gregor Hartmann

July 23 - "Change Of Life" by Duke Kimball

July 9 - "Prophet's Fire and Spindles of the Banshee" by Méabh de Brún

June 25 - "There Are No Echoes" by Davian Aw

May 28 - "Job: A Fairy Tale of God, Satan, and Us" by K.D. Azariah-Kribbs 

April 23 - "We Have Discerned a Potential Deal" by J.P. Sullivan


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