Introducing Mysterion

Welcome to the home of an upcoming Christian speculative fiction anthology entitled Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith. Mysterion is Greek for mystery and is often used in the Bible to refer to sacred mysteries. While the word was used in the mystery religions for secret doctrines revealed only to initiates, Christianity used it somewhat differently, referring to the things that were once kept secret but are now revealed.  It can also refer to those things revealed but not understood: concepts such as the Incarnation and the Trinity, which cannot be fully understood by mortals. This, we feel, makes the name a good fit for a speculative fiction anthology that seeks to examine the mysterious and unexplained within Creation.

Mysterion will be edited and published by the husband and wife team of Donald S. Crankshaw and Kristin Janz. We pay pro rates (6 cents per word) for original speculative fiction that meaningfully engages with Christianity. We are not yet accepting unsolicited submissions, but will start doing so in October. The completed anthology will be available in both ebook and POD formats. You can find out more about the project here, or take a look at our submission guidelines.

We're just getting started, but we're looking forward to seeing a lot of great stories.


  1. hi Donald! I'm excited about your anthology! It was nice to meet you at Realm Makers, too.

    1. It was good meeting you too. I hope you enjoy our site.


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