We now have a newsletter. If you want to keep up-to-date on our project, you should sign up.

The idea of the newsletter is not to bombard you with email--we know that some businesses, many of whose newsletters we don't even recall signing up for, will send us advertising email every single day. We're still not sure how Donald ended up on the Victoria's Secret email list, or why anyone needs to get an email hawking underwear every morning.

In any case, we don't plan to send out a newsletter unless we have something new to say: for instance, when we want to reveal the cover art, or announce when submissions open and close, or when we've selected all the stories, or when the anthology is available for purchase. We can't imagine ever sending out more than one or two newsletters in a single week, and most weeks there won't be a newsletter at all.

In short, sign up for the newsletter, and we promise not to bother you unless it's important.