You can support Mysterion!

You may have noticed the "Support Mysterion" graphic in our sidebar.  This links to our Patreon page, where you can support our anthology.

When we first considered doing this anthology, we asked ourselves how much it would cost and how we would pay for it. We answered the second question first: we would pay for it ourselves, out of our own resources. Of course, then we had to figure out whether we could do that, which brought us back to the first question. So we considered the various expenses--paying authors, cover art and design, interior layout and printing--and talked to people we knew in the industry to come up with a rough estimate. Then we asked ourselves whether we could afford it, and the answer was yes, we could.

Having decided that, we next asked whether it was worthwhile to do any fundraising. Raising money would allow us to have a larger story budget. It would let us pay our writers more. It would give people a chance to essentially pre-order our book.

So, even though we're committed to this project whether we receive funding or not, we've decided to give people the chance to help us make it better, in return for a copy of the anthology and other rewards.

We've decided to use Patreon, not for its monthly campaign, but for the campaign that only charges people when something is produced. In this case, if you donate, you will not be charged until we post the actual ebook anthology for you to download. Paperback versions will be shipped out as soon after that as we can manage.

So if you want to see more stories and you want our writers to be paid more, or if you just want to get the ebook for half the retail price, you can go to our Patreon page to pledge now.