As you may have noticed, we're starting to do reviews here at Mysterion. In our theme guidelines, we mentioned a number of stories and books that have the sort of Christian elements we'd like to see in what we publish. We were thinking that people who are interested in what we're trying to accomplish with our anthology might also be interested in reviews of other work with Christian themes.

Let us know if you have any ideas about what we should review, including any of your own books and stories. We'll need the following information:
  • Story name or title
  • Author (let us know if you're the author)
  • Publisher (including self-published)
  • A link to where we could read a sample, or the whole thing.
Of course, we can't promise to read or review what you send us (or to give only positive reviews). In order to be considered, the work must engage with Christianity (Christian themes, characters, or cosmology), but also be of potential interest to readers who don't identify as Christian. There's no requirement that the work be "clean", or written by a Christian author, or that the treatment of Christianity be entirely favorable.

If it's a self-published fantasy book, Donald may post a review at Black Gate as well, if it's appropriate for that audience.

Send review requests to