The Great Purge and Other Stories

Last month the GDPR took effect. This is a new data privacy law in the European  Union, which limits what can be done with people's data, and what permissions need to be received. After some consideration, we decided that folks on our newsletter needed to approve of our handling their information via a third-party (Mailchimp), and our older newsletter sign-up form did not make that clear. (This interpretation is not universal, but we try to be on the safe side.)

The ultimate result is that we sent out a newsletter asking for those permissions, and then removed every EU or UK resident who did not grant them--even though they had signed up for the newsletter in the first place. If we removed you from the newsletter and you'd rather be receiving it, you can sign up again here.

New Stories

Last week, we published "Job: A Fairy Tale of God, Satan, and Us" by K.D. Azariah-Kribbs. An inversion of the usual Job tale, it asks how we would react if we really were given everything we wanted. Check it out if you haven't read it already!

In the next two months we have not two but three stories coming for you, thanks to our Patreon supporters.

June 24 - "There Are No Echoes" by Davian Aw
July 11 - "Prophet's Fire and Spindles of the Banshee" by Méabh de Brún
July 23 - "Change Of Life" by Duke Kimball

Patreon supporters at $3 and above can read Davian Aw's story now, and supporters at $10 and above can read all three stories.

Upcoming Submissions Period

July will be our next open submissions period. Check out our guidelines and start polishing those stories!

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