Fall arrives

With the arrival of fall come the last three Mysterion stories of the year. Patreon supporters of $10 per month or more already have them, and we think all three are great stories. Here's what you have to look forward to, and the dates they'll be posted here (and, of course, Patreon supporters of $3 and up will be able to read them at the start of their respective months):
10/22 - "A Halloween Hymn" by Eric James Stone
11/26 - "A Relic Most Rare" by Rebecca Birch
12/24 - "The Chora Gate" by Stephen Case

We'll have vampires, miracle-workers, and spaceships in the months ahead, though maybe not all at the same time.

Meanwhile, we're getting close to selecting stories for the first six months of next year. We expect that we'll be done by the end of October. We do apologize for the delay, but we had an unexpected health crisis. Still, we should have them selected in plenty of time to start publishing them in January.

If you're curious, stories from our January submission period are published in July through December of that year, while stories from our July submission period are published in January through June of the following year. So if you have a holiday-themed story, do be sure to send it to us during the correct submission period!

Finally, we're now within $6/month of our next Patreon goal, which will result in us posting four pieces of art per year, rather than three. If you want to see more art, please consider supporting our Patreon! If you want to see more stories, consider getting your friends to support us as well. Another $81/month, and we'll publish another two stories (for a total of 16) each year.

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