March-April fiction lineup

We have some great stories lined up for you over the next two months, including a bonus story for April. Usually we only publish two stories in a month if it's January or July, but we decided we could afford to sneak in an extra for April this time around.

Speaking of affording things, you can help with that! If you like what we're doing here, if you want to read even more science fiction, fantasy, and horror that takes Christianity seriously as a topic worth writing about, then please support us on Patreon.

Patreon is a site where you can pledge your monthly support to publishers, writers, and other creative people. In return, you usually get some kind of benefit or reward. In our case, everyone who pledges at least $3 a month gets early access to all the fiction we publish, and higher pledges come with additional perks. You can pledge as little as $1 a month, though. We currently have a couple of $1 supporters, and their support makes a difference, too. It all adds up!

Right now, we're working toward the goal of being able to increase our pay rate for fiction from 6 to 8 cents a word, so that we'll still be paying the industry standard professional rate when it goes up in September. After that, our next funding goal will allow us to publish 2 additional stories each year.

We do need help from our readers in order to pay more and publish more than we already are. We don't currently accept any advertising, and support through Patreon is currently our primary source of external funding ("external" here meaning "besides us"). So if you want us to continue as a "professional" publication, or if you wish we were publishing more stories, please visit our Patreon site and make a pledge today!

Coming soon!

Here's what you can look forward to reading in the months ahead:

March 25 - "The Sojourn of Pope Packard the Third", Jared Oliver Adams
April 8 - "Plain Jane Learns to Knit Wormholes", Wendy Nikel
April 22 - "The Book", S.E. Reid

(However, if you pledge at least $3 on Patreon, you can read the first story right now! For a $10 pledge, you can get a free e-book with all three stories.)

Not quite living water, but...

Donald and Kristin recently attended Boskone, a local science fiction convention. Kristin was on some panels with award-winning authors, and talked a lot more about the book of Revelation than she'd really expected to (even though it was the end of the world panel).

The convention hotel recently underwent some renovations, and this addition was especially welcome:

Free drinking water! Right at the end of the hallway, near the elevator! We don't know if these were added to every floor or just a few, but what a great way to discourage the use of unnecessary plastic bottles. Kristin, who drinks a lot of water, was especially glad to see this.

Submissions progress

Not as much as we would have hoped, honestly. We're still going through the stories we received during our January submission window. We are optimistic about being able to make more progress now that we have a break from attending science fiction conventions; the next two on our schedule are not until July, and we're not on programming for either one, so they shouldn't eat up as much of our time.

And, with that, we need to get back to work reading stories! Be sure to stop by again in 4 weeks to read about robot popes battling cyborg gorillas, in Jared Oliver Adams's far-future SF tale "The Sojourn of Pope Packard the Third".

Oh, and did we mention our Patreon page...?

Until next month!

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  1. Hi. Is there a reason you guys don't have a Twitter profile that I can tweet about? Or do you?

    1. We do. It's under our business name, Enigmatic Mirror Press (@EnigmaticMirror).


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