Patreon update and more

There's good news on the Patreon front! Thanks to a very generous one-time contribution, we've been able to lower our goals, and now we only need to reach $200 per month in order to pay 8 cents a word for stories in the next submission period. We're currently only $11 away from that goal! Patreon has to take its cut, but if one person is willing to pledge $13 per month, or 13 people pledge $1 per month, that will allow us to keep paying industry-standard professional rates even after they increase to 8 cents per word on September 1st.

While 8 cents per word is good for us and good for authors, you may be wondering what's in it for you? First, a higher pay rate means more submissions, which gives us more stories to choose from, and helps us to select the best stories for you to read. And professional rates, as defined by SFWA, are an important threshold for many authors, who won't bother to send us their stories if we can't meet it.

Second, at the $3 per month level of support, you get all stories at the beginning of the month they're published, while for $10 per month, you'll get an ebook version of the stories up to two months in advance. For example, you could be reading this month's stories right now!

In a week, we'll publish Wendy Nikel's "Plain Jane Learns to Knit Wormholes". This short, humorous reprint reminds us of some of the churches we've gone to growing up.

Then, near the end of the month, we'll publish S.E. Reid's "The Book," a more serious story about hope and faith.

Finally, an update on submissions. We are making progress, and we'll soon finish reading all the still-unread stories. Then, once we've both had a chance to read all the stories that have made it past the first round, we'll be in a position to start selecting the stories we'll publish.

Thank you for reading, and please be sure to stop by again next week for Wendy Nikel's story!

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