July submissions open

July Submission Period

We are now open to submissions through the end of July. We pay 8 cents/word for original science fiction, fantasy, and horror short stories up to 9,000 words long that engage with the Christian faith, and 4 cents/word for reprints of qualifying stories. If you have a story you'd like to submit, please see our submission guidelines for instructions.

Every submission period, we receive 250-300 stories and (usually) accept 7 stories of them, meaning that we have a 2-3% acceptance rate. We always receive more good stories than we can publish, but compared to some professional markets, those are pretty good odds. So if you have something you think might work, send it our way. Don't self-reject; the worst we can do is say no.

Recent and Upcoming Stories

Our most recent story is now up on the website, "The Cure" by A.J. Cunder. After losing her father far too soon, Mira is determined to solve the problem of human mortality. But what will become of Death if she succeeds? If you haven't read it yet, don't forget to take the opportunity to do so now!

And we can now announce our July and August lineup:
  • July 12: "Bearing the Flame" by C.A. Barrett: Twelve-year-old Basil learns that being a Chandler of Christ is about more than kindling talent, in this middle grade historical fantasy.
  • July 26: "Ceiling Snakes and Slithering Saints" by Barbara A. Barnett: The Slithering Saints can help when the trusses supporting a church roof turn into snakes; but only the townsfolk can solve their community's real problems.
  • August 23: "Vocation" by Jessica Snell: Assignments to rooms in the House are irrevocable; fortunately, the Library has no shortage of books to read. But every book is about a world that can never be again... right? 
If you're a Patreon supporter at the $3+ level, you can read the first two stories right now, and Patreon supporters at $10+ can already read all three stories in ebook form.


Last month, we flew down to Louisiana to visit Donald's family, whom we hadn't seen since before the pandemic, and to adopt two kittens from among the litters his sister Sarah's cats had. During the days there, we spent a good amount of time getting to know them, and letting them get to know us--which involved a lot of playing with them.

After some drama which involved rescuing them from the roof the morning of our flight back, we managed to get them safely home.

Donald and his sister rescuing a kitten from a tree, after coaxing her from the roof.

So far, they're adapting well.

Maxwell (the gray) and Marie (the tortoiseshell) relaxing in their cat tree at our home in the Boston suburbs.


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