Advent 2022

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Congratulations to those whose stories we've selected, and remember that we are open again to submissions in January.

If you haven't already, be sure to read our latest story, Duke Kimball's "My Soul, and With the Sun". This science fiction dystopia takes the social media state to its monetizing extreme. And check back on Boxing Day (December 26th) for our last story of the year, Karl El-Koura's "Christmas in Apocalypse", in which Jimmy's quest to retrieve a real tree in the apocalyptic winter may be a bit more than he can handle.

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By the time you read this, the second Sunday of Advent will have passed. Advent began early this year, due to Christmas falling on a Sunday. This means that Kristin complained less than usual when Christmas season officially kicked off on Black Friday. But that did not mean she had any tolerance for stores putting up Christmas decorations and playing Christmas music even before Black Friday.

We did get a Christmas tree that Saturday, though. The cats like the tree. They don't like the fact that we don't let them on the enclosed front porch now that the tree's out there. They still manage to get out pretty often, usually when we're getting the mail, and have to be lured back in with treats.

Marie and Maxwell playing with their second ever Christmas tree. Where's the Doctor when you need him?

Mysterion in the News

We did an interview a while back with Christian horror author Jonathan Langley for an article in Anglican newspaper Church Times: "With fear and trembling: a Christian defence of Horror". Appropriately, it came out just in time for Halloween (or "Hallowe'en"). We were among several authors and editors quoted, along with Mysterion author Hannah Onoguwe. Jonathan's own novel, Incredulous Moshoeshoe and the Lightning Bird came out last year from Montag Press.

Merry Christmas to all, and we look forward to sharing the first of our 2023 stories with you in January!

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