February 2024

We're now closed to submissions again until July 1st, and have started reading the 245 stories we received in January. If you sent us a story, you can expect to hear from us by the end of May if we accept the story, possibly much sooner if we reject it.

We're also still working on the reprint anthology of the 2020-2021 stories from the online magazine. It's mostly ready; we're currently doing last-minute tasks that seem as if they should go quickly but never do, such as writing an introduction and back cover text.

Did you know that we have a Patreon page? If you aren't a subscriber yet, now is a great time to sign up, because we've had a recent uptick in monthly support (to $248/month) and are getting close to our next funding goal ($275/month). Once we reach it, we'll start publishing an additional two stories each year. At our current funding level, we're planning to accept seven stories from the ones we received in January. But if we reach our next milestone, we'll be able to accept eight!

You can sign up for as little as $1/month, which will get you access to the Discord and the monthly chats we have with our supporters and writers there, as well as Insider posts about publishing and writing; but for $3/month you'll also get early access to all the stories we publish, and $10/month gets you an e-book of the upcoming stories every two months. 

Patreon is our main source of funding for this magazine (besides Donald's income from his day job), and since we're not yet breaking even, all your subscription dollars go toward paying our authors.


Our most recent story is Ralph Mack's "Soulman", about an android who knows he has a soul, in a world that doesn't allow for the possibility.

Next up, at the end of this month, don't miss "Deymons"! In this science fiction tale by returning Mysterion author Andy Dibble, an avid gamer who wonders if the Bible might hold the key to his last unwinnable boss fight finds both more and less than he had hoped for.


The cats seem to have recovered from their separation anxiety following our weeklong trip to Nova Scotia (without them) over Christmas. They aren't following Kristin around meowing quite so much as when we first got back.

We recently got a new bathtub mat, and they've already kind of trashed it. Kristin thought a dark grey one might not discolor as rapidly with use as the clear ones we used to get. Unfortunately, the dark grey catches the feline gaze more readily, and Maxwell especially is always trying to pull the mat up from the tub. Many of the suction cups that hold the mat in place no longer work, because they've been punctured by tooth and claw.

Marie likes to hang out in the bathtub too, but isn't as bad about chewing on the mat:

Maybe it's good that our cats aren't better mousers:

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