April 2024

We continue to make good progress on reading fiction submissions from January. As of Thursday, we had 87 unread stories (out of 245 received), fifteen that have been read and liked by either Donald or Kristin, and two that have reached our final round of consideration.

Our current plan is to publish seven stories from our January reading window. However, if we can reach $275/month in Patreon funding by the time we're ready to make our final selections, we'll be able to publish eight. We're currently at $246/month, so there isn't far to go: a few additional subscribers at $10/month would get us there.

The $10/month tier is the closest option we offer to a traditional magazine subscription. Every two months, subscribers receive an e-book of the stories that are about to come out on our website (currently either two or three stories), in PDF and ePub versions, with beautiful covers designed by Anne Horn and featuring the artwork from our site.

We do have lower-cost options available as well. For $3/month, you can receive all our stories via email (or read them on our Patreon page) at the beginning of the month in which they'll be published (they typically appear on our website on the 4th Monday). Even $1/month comes with access to our Discord server, where we host monthly chats with our authors and Patreon supporters, and monthly updates about what we've been up to and what's new with the magazine (and pictures of our cats). (There's also a $25/month option for those who especially love what we're doing and would like to contribute more, and some intermediate tiers.) As is usually the case with these crowdfunding pages, subscribers at the higher levels also receive the benefits that come along with all the tiers below theirs.

Please take a look, and consider signing up if you're not already a subscriber!

Our latest story is a darker contemporary supernatural fantasy set against the background of the opioid epidemic, by K.A. Wiggins. In "The Patron Saint of Flatliners", a young woman's tragic death has somehow given her the power to help pull others back from the edge.

Later this month, Jessica Snell returns to our digital pages with "Her Neighbor's Keeper", a post-apocalyptic future fantasy that asks what we owe even the most difficult people in our lives. Jessica's last story with us, "Vocation", appeared in August 2021.

Our May story will be "Profane Intervention", by Shawn Vincent Wilson. A game store owner who made a deal with a demon to help a friend got what he asked for, and now it's time to pay up!

Although our cats have no fewer than three cat trees throughout the house, each with multiple levels, sometimes they just want to be close together. Or Maxwell does, at least. Though we aren't sure how comfortable either of them is in this picture.

Happy Easter to those who are celebrating it along with us, wherever you are! May the blessings of this season fill your lives and overflow into the lives of those around you.

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