June 2024

We have now responded to all submissions received in January, so please do let us know ASAP if you sent us a story but haven't heard back (we did hear back from the authors of all the accepted stories). It was an especially tough decision this time, as we saw a lot of great stories that we were excited about and would have loved to publish, but could only select seven.

If you'd like for us to be able to choose more stories next time around, we're pretty close to reaching that Patreon funding goal. We're currently at $252/month, and once we reach $275/month, we'll start publishing 16 stories each year instead of 14. At this point, even two or three higher-level subscribers, or a dozen new Patrons subscribing at lower tiers, could make it possible.

Please consider subscribing if you enjoy our magazine! For $3/month, you get early access to all our stories, and for $10/month, you also get them as a special edition e-book. (Even the $1/month tier includes access to our Discord, and monthly Insider posts with exclusive book and game reviews, and cat pictures.)

The cover for our most recent special edition e-book

We will be open to submissions again on July 1st. Most of the stories we accepted from January were fantasy or supernatural rather than science fiction, and even the two science fiction stories included definite supernatural elements. So we might be especially interested in science fiction this time around. On the other hand, we do both tend to prefer fantasy; and we're also scientists, which makes us pickier about science fiction. (Perhaps if we were sorcerers, we would be more particular about fantasy instead.)

Our current featured story is Shawn Vincent Wilson's "Profane Intervention". A game store owner made a deal with a demon to save a friend's life; now it's time to pay up!

Later this month, we're excited to be publishing Joshua Lampkins's debut story, "The Beacon, the Swamp, and the Sacrifice", featuring a far-future sect of Christianity based on (alleged) time travel, and a young priest's mission to replace a radio beacon that disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

July is one of the two months in which we publish a bonus story on the 2nd Monday in addition to our usual 4th Monday story. Our first July story is Pamela Love's "All Eyes", a humorous short piece about what might happen if someone believed last night's dream was a message from God.

We're still editing our 2nd July story and the one we have scheduled for August, but should be able to announce those in our next monthly update (even if we do get it up on time, unlike this one).

No news is good news when it comes to cats. Ours haven't been up to any more than their usual level of bad behavior recently. Donald finally got around to replacing the screen in the window that Maxwell tore his way through in the fall. He used screen material billed as "pet-proof", but we'll see about that. 

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