July 2024

We are now open to fiction submissions until the end of the month. Our usual submission guidelines apply.

While the current plan is to accept seven stories from those submitted in July, we're very close to reaching our next Patreon funding goal, which would allow us to accept eight. We're at $253/month support, and our next milestone is only $275/month--so close!

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Our June story is from new author Joshua Lampkins: "The Beacon, the Swamp, and the Sacrifice". A young priest in a far-future sect of Christianity founded (allegedly) by a time-traveling apostle has been honored with a special assignment; but something about the mission seems off... This one was really fun to read, and we appreciated the situational humor and the earnest yet slightly clueless protagonist.

As usual, we have two stories for July. On July 8th, Pamela Love's "All Eyes" warns of potentially dire consequences when Presbyterians and prophecy meet. Then, on July 22nd, Stephen Case returns to Mysterion's digital pages with "Irrationality", about a math professor who doesn't need, or want, convincing evidence of God's existence in order to believe. And for August, Constantine Singer tells the story of a man who has come to doubt that whatever power has been leading him to interrupt potential suicides is truly benevolent, in "The Interrupt".

Although we're only open to fiction submissions during the months of July and January, we are open to art submissions year round. While we don't limit ourselves to artwork with Christian imagery, we aren't opposed to it either, and are always especially pleased to find images that include both Christian and speculative elements, and that we actually like. (This last is important, because we receive many, many submissions of explicitly Christian speculative fiction artwork that are just not a good fit for us.) Our current featured artwork, Metal Gods, is by local Massachusetts artist Julia Lee-Papastavros.

Julia is also a video game developer who recently started a Discord for developers interested in good faith engagement with Christian themes, stories, and theology in their games (regardless of their own faith background). If that's you, she invites you to check it out!

Here's this month's obligatory photo of our cats, this time enjoying a small container of wheatgrass:

Don't forget to check back on July 8th and 22nd so you can read this month's two stories. And, for the authors among you, we look forward to reading your stories!

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