Submissions Update

According to our rough count, we received 468 stories over the course of our submission period. Even allowing for some double-counting due to rewrite requests and stories that needed to be re-sent, that's easily over 450 submissions. We're about three-quarters of the way through reading them, with 110 stories left before we can start making our final decisions.

Since we're going chronologically, we have now responded to all stories sent to us by December 10th. So if you sent a story on or before that date, you should have received a rejection, a hold request, a rewrite request, or an email telling you there was a problem with your submission and inviting you to correct the problem and submit again.

If you submitted a story before 11:59 PM Eastern on December 10th and did not receive a response from us, feel free to send a query to the editors email in the sidebar.