You can pre-order your copy now

We recently added a pre-order page to the website. Right now, the only way to pre-order your copy of the anthology is to support us on Patreon. Pledge $5 or more, and you'll be able to download the DRM-free e-book a month before it's generally available. $25 will get you the paperback, with shipping included. (Pledge amounts will be charged only once, when we produce the anthology, rather than as a monthly campaign).

You may be wondering why you'd want to pre-order our anthology when you don't know what's in it. Unlike us, you haven't had a chance to read any of the over 350 submissions, much less the 37 stories we're excited about and want to publish. That's more than we can currently afford with our story budget, which means that when we get to the end of the submission period and choose what goes into the anthology, we’ll have to reject stories we really like so that we can print the stories we truly love. And this will only get worse, as we find more stories we want to publish and are forced to choose between our favorites.

While we can’t tell you at this point which stories will ultimately make it into the anthology, we really do love the stories we’re already holding. Stories spanning the whole gamut of speculative fiction genres, including medieval fantasy, modern fantasy, post-apocalyptic horror, weird western, far future science fiction, alien planets and alien civilizations, and near future science fiction. Stories that eschew easy answers and instead ask hard questions of the Christian faith, such as: Can you really tell the difference between an angel and a demon? Do demons get a chance at redemption? Do robots have souls? Is it right to turn away from what you need for survival in order to remain true to your beliefs? What revelation might God give to aliens that he hasn't given us? How much choice do you have when you're chosen by God? Would we really want a God who judges in the here and now? If you want to read stories that ask these kinds of questions, where the struggle is more certain than the answer, then we think you'll enjoy our anthology.

One advantage to supporting us on Patreon now instead of waiting until we've announced the final story selection is that it will allow us to publish more of the stories we like, and even pay our authors more. We recently reached our first milestone (and lost it due to a change in how Patreon does its calculations, but we lowered the milestones so we've reached it again). This means the anthology will include one more story than it would have if we hadn't reached our goal. And if we reach the next milestone by January 15th, we'll add a second extra story.