Only 16 hours left!

We're down to 16 remaining hours in our Kickstarter campaign for Mysterion 2. At this point, we're 71% funded, with 89 backers.

That means we need to raise another $1412 before 8:11 am tomorrow morning (EDT, or GMT-0:50) in order to succeed.

This is a lot, and it might seem impossible. But is that true?

For example, if each of our 89 backers increased the amount of their pledge by only $16, we would be funded. (Or, since obviously some backers are able to contribute more than others, if everyone increased their pledge amount by 29%.)

Or, if we were able to find just 15 new backers who were able to give $100 each. Or 29 who could each pledge $50.

When you break it down like that, it doesn't seem quite so insurmountable, does it?

So if you're as passionate as we are about the need for more thoughtful, high-quality fiction that openly and honestly explores both the successes and ambiguities of Christian faith and the Christian experience; if you want to see more markets that pay authors a professional rate for their hard work; if you're excited about independent publishing and how it gives creative people the freedom and ability to pursue projects that aren't easily categorized, for niche audiences who aren't finding all of what they want to read in the output from traditional publishing ... then please help us reach our funding goal of $5000, so we can pay authors for enough fiction to publish a second volume of Mysterion in 2018.