Reason #7 to support Mysterion

The seventh reason to support Mysterion on Kickstarter is because you want to help us promote the work of newer writers.

Most anthologies that pay professional rates of 6 cents/word and up for fiction don't have much space for authors who aren't already established. If they consider open submissions at all, it's usually for a maximum of 4 or 5 spots, after the rest of the Table of Contents has already been filled with recognizable names.

While we've read and enjoyed many such anthologies, we also know that amazing stories are being written by authors who aren't already well known. And we want to give those authors a chance to shine.

We assembled the first Mysterion anthology entirely through open submissions, and we intend to do the second volume the same way. Yes, we invited established authors whom we knew personally to send us stories, and we even ended up publishing one. But no one had a spot reserved. We didn't accept any stories until we'd had a chance to review and consider each one submitted to us.

Now, our choice to proceed this way is not entirely unrelated to the fact that the two of us are new editors who don't exactly have long lines of famous authors clamoring to send us stories about Christianity. But we are absolutely committed to reserving the majority of our available publication slots for stories sent to us through open submissions, where new authors can compete on equal footing with established professionals and the only thing that really matters is how much we loved your story.

So if you also believe in making space in publishing for writers yet-to-be-established, please consider supporting us on Kickstarter!