Happy New Year, and Welcome to Our New Webzine

Welcome to the first month of the new Mysterion!

As promised, now that 2018 has begun, Mysterion is starting its regular publication schedule, with news, reviews, and interviews. The one thing we don't have yet are stories. That's where you come in. We're now open to submissions of Christian-themed speculative fiction, which means science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories featuring Christian cosmology, characters, and/or themes. We pay six cents per word for original stories up to 8,000 words long, and three cents per word for reprints. If you have such stories, please send them to us! Check out our submission guidelines for submission details, and our theme guidelines for more about the type of stories we're looking for.

We hope to start publishing stories in April. What can you expect in the meantime?

This month we'll have a review of Jerome Stueart's short story collection, The Angels of Our Better Beasts, posted next Monday, January 8th, and an interview with Jerome himself the week after that, on January 15th.

We're planning to maintain this schedule for the foreseeable future: a column on the first Monday, a review on the second Monday, and an interview on the third Monday of each month. In April, we'll add short stories to the mix, in the fourth Monday slot. And if we raise enough support on Patreon, we'll add an additional story some, or even all, months. We may also expand our artwork, and add more columns and reviews as we recruit more contributors.

In the meantime, welcome to the new Mysterion. We want to thank everyone who's supported us in this effort. All our Patreon supporters, both for this webzine and for our first anthology. Matthew Kressel, who's helped us set up our submission system on Moksha. Our first readers: Hannah Eagleson, Lelia Foreman, and Travis Perry. And all those who submitted to our first anthology, plus everyone planning to submit stories to this new webzine.

Thank you, and Happy New Year!

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  1. Dear Donald and Kristin
    Today I submitted a short story called "What have I done?" or "Jacob the Deceiver". I realised I had no put in a title, and I spent some time editing: it needed a few edits!
    can I re-submit it? This time I will submit it as "Jacob the Deceiver". So please understand if you get two stories the same! The latter is the proofread one.
    Thank you
    Best wishes
    Rachel Hitchcock

  2. To the best of our knowledge, the submission system will prevent you from submitting two stories, whether they're the same or not. However, you should be able to withdraw the first story and then submit a second one. Use the link you received from the acknowledgement email.


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