One week left until submissions close

Thank you to everyone who's sent us stories! We've received over 180 submissions so far. Our submissions will close at the end of the month (Eastern time), so you have one week left to submit stories to Mysterion. Please see our submission guidelines for more information if you want to send us something.

We've also passed our $50 and our $100 goals on Patreon, which means that we will be doing the following:
  1. Increasing our maximum word count to 9,000 words, starting in July, when we next open to submissions.
  2. Publishing one extra story in July, which means that we will acquire ten stories during this submission period, instead of the originally planned nine. (We will also be publishing an extra story next January, but that affects the July submission window, not this one.)
  3. A monthly livestream or chat for Patreon supporters, starting in February. This technically does not trigger on the $100 goal, but in having supporters at the $10+ per month level who are eligible to participate.
If any of that sounds interesting to you, or you want to see us publish more stories and more art, please consider supporting us on Patreon.

Speaking of art, we've been getting a lot of art submissions. Thank you to everyone who's sent us links to their portfolio! We've seen quite a few things we like, but we're focused on the fiction submissions right now, so we won't be contacting any artists until after we've finished with that. But do feel free to keep sending us art. See our art submission guidelines for more information.