Reason #1 to Support Mysterion

The first reason to support us on Kickstarter is that you want to read high-quality speculative fiction that engages with Christianity.

Not all Christian fiction is bad, but it's not uncommon to read Christian fiction that is preachy, that gives pat answers to straw man questions, and that censors a fallen world in order to be clean enough for children. Nor is all mainstream speculative fiction unfair to the Christian faith, but too often you find Christians stereotyped as repressed theocrats and bigots, the divine shown to be evil or a lie, and wicked monotheists oppressing the enlightened polytheists and atheists.

In short, we can all do better. You want to read stories that treat the faith seriously, but acknowledge the problems and shortcomings of the faithful; that ask the hard questions and look past the easy answers; and above all, you want to read good stories, with authentic characters, engrossing plots, and adept prose.

And we want to give you all those things, in Mysterion 2, so support us on Kickstarter!