Reason #6 to support Mysterion

The sixth reason to support Mysterion on Kickstarter is that we can't do it without your help.

Anthology projects often come to Kickstarter with a complete table of contents, all the stories contracted and in hand, and a final cover ready to go. At that point, it's pretty obvious that the anthology is going to happen whether anyone contributes to the Kickstarter or not. Kickstarter becomes just another way to pre-order your copy. Which is cool--but it's not the same as having helped make it happen.

Supporting Mysterion is different. If you contribute, those funds will be used to pay the authors for the stories we select. And we pay on acceptance, not on publication, so our authors don't have to wait until we get around to publishing the book before they're compensated for their work.

Each story costs us between $30 and $600 (depending on length, and whether it's a new story or a reprint), with an average of about $280. So, depending on your pledge amount, it might be covering a significant percentage of an individual author's payment for their story.

Also, if we end up surpassing our funding target, we have stretch goals that will enable us to commission art for a full wrap-around cover instead of only a front cover, and to purchase additional stories and pay our authors more.

So support Mysterion on Kickstarter, and help us bring you another anthology!