Reason #5 to support Mysterion

The fifth reason to support Mysterion on Kickstarter is because you want to see better dialogue within and between the Christian and speculative fiction communities.

Certain controversies over the last few years have not, we're sad to say, brought out the best in our communities.

Good stories can bring us together. The characters, the themes, the conflicts and epiphanies. And most of all, the flaws, the weaknesses, and the plot holes. We love to geek out about those. You can bond over these things, or at least get into really good arguments that can change the way you view the story, each other, and the world.

And the stories themselves talk to each other. We love stories that argue with one another and take different perspectives on the same idea, and we're thrilled when we can make that happen in one book. That's why the same anthology that had "Cutio" and "Of Thine Impenetrable Spirit" also had "St. Roomba's Gospel," that gave you "Golgotha" also gave you "This Far Gethsemane." This way you can read different perspectives without arguing or name-calling or ALL CAPS SHOUTING ON THE INTERNET COMMENT SECTION, but rather good stories where believable characters struggle with hard questions.

If you want to see more of this kind of dialogue, support us on Kickstarter!